The fact that I have someone that can deal with all my bullshit and the fact I can tolerate his bullshit as well, we’re the perfect match. We have our ups and downs but every relationship comes with that. But for a fact I know that this guy is the one, I have not ever wanted to be this serious with anyone that I have ever been with…. I’ve been thinking, he’s perfect for me. I just get a feeling, like a nudge from cupid, saying he’s in it for the long run. I’ve never felt so close to someone as I do with him.

We’re speaking about moving in together and planning our future, and I know for a fact he’s serious about it. I’m glad….. just glad…. more than clad. I’m extremely glad and happy to have him in my life…. I just need to fix with my issues that I have, but it’ll all be perfect in the end.